The Near Shore
Manufacturing Solution
Since 1988
Whether you are a small manufacturer looking to expand your operations or a large global company looking for ways to improve efficiency, NOVA/LINK is here to help you achieve your company's manufacturing and logistics goals and objectives. We are one of the leading shelter manufacturing companies in Mexico with over 30 clients, 3,000 employees, 500,000 square feet of manufacturing space and 60,000 square feet of U.S. based distribution space.

Our years of experience with startup businesses, as well as multinational, world-class brands has given us unparalleled expertise to handle and adapt to your ever-changing needs. We are a NEAR SHORE operation and are located close to YOUR home. Lead times and travel is minimized giving you flexibility and cost-efficiency every step of the way.


We invite you to further explore and observe how NOVA/LINK can assist with your organization's manufacturing, construction, site location and logistics needs. As an experienced and ethical company, we can reassure you about our status as a potential manufacturing partner in Mexico. The reality is the global landscape has changed, and companies need to find alternative methods to meet consumer demand. As part of the new reality, NOVA/LINK will provide your company with the solutions necessary to succeed in today's competitive global marketplace.